Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Low tunnels help our early planting weather their first frost.

It has been an interesting spring.  The first spell of unseasonally warm weather pushed our baby lettuces and greens on a little faster than we had planned.  I guess that we will have adolescent lettuces and greens instead of “baby” this first harvest.  We were beginning to wonder if we would need to set up our low tunnels at all this spring.  Well, a check of the weather forecast yesterday brought us back to reality and we (Ken, Patsy, Norma and Jason) worked late into the evening to get everything covered.  We had a pretty good frost this morning, but everything looks good under the covers.  We will keep the covers on for a couple days and nights until some pretty warm weather blows in from the south.


First caption:  Low tunnels over early tomatoes.


Second caption:  Patsy and Jason setting up low tunnels in the high tunnel over the even earlier tomatoes, squash, etc. 

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