Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plants getting ready to take-off in exponential growth! Two new plots started: kitchen garden and raised beds for low tunnels.

The photos we will show here are already six days old. We will have another blog with photos in a couple days, so you can see a bit of how rapidly things are growing now. At the time the photos were taken, nagging questions, like: Will we have produce ready for the first CSA delivery? or Will some things be ready to be harvested before the first delivery?, flitted at the back of our minds. This unusually warm weather has forced us to change some of our plans.  We were worried that it was getting too warm in the high tunnel for some of the cool season crops. We started some of these cool season crops in our 18’x18’ kitchen garden which we considered not planting this year because we had access to extra CSA produce.  We planted snow peas, sugar snaps, spinach, swiss chard, radishes, mixed greens, salad mix and transplanted some leaf lettuces.  In one of our photos below you will see another change.  We have both green and black plastic mulch.  The green mulch warms the soil up more than the black.  We were going to use all green mulch between the greenhouse and high tunnel, but decided to go with one-half black because we were afraid that with the warm temperatures we were experiencing the soil might get too warm for optimal growth. We have been harvesting asparagus for several days, but we should still have it in our CSA offerings for a couple weeks.  Also we have planted the first sweet corn, the day after these photos were taken. 

Caption first photo:  Patsy, Norma and Danielle transplanting.  Danielle is a regular fixture around here, but she was here when the photos were taken for the website.

Caption second photo:  Green and black plastic mulched, raised beds for our low tunnel plantings.  The only thing is we are not sure that we will need the low tunnels with the early spring.

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