Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet corn is up, starting to prepare for first large scale melon plantings.

This spring has been fairly dry and the relatively low soil moisture has resulted to some spotty stands in our first sweet corn plantings. We are getting ready to mow our crimson clover and hairy vetch cover crop to get ready for our second tomato planting along with other miscellaneous summer crops. We will also soon prepare beds for our first cantaloupe planting. The pace is starting to pick up with large scale field work, seeding, transplanting, and marketing at our Tilton market. Soon the days will be filled to overflowing.

First Caption: Last years melon field with a rye cover crop that will soon be planted to soybeans by our neighbor.

Second Caption: This years sweet corn and pumpkin ground.

Third Caption: Crimson clover, hairy vetch and perennial rye grass cover crop which will soon be planted to tomatoes and miscellaneous summer crops.

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