Monday, June 27, 2011

Babysitting the crops. Most crops are in the field, now we feed and water them and protect them from pests.

I seem to operate better on a two week schedule (not that I am satisfied with this and I’ll try to do better).  We have filled the last two boxes of our Farm Share (CSA) no choice component.  This weekend our subscribers will begin to use their weekly credits to shop at our farm stand in our free choice component. 

We have planted the last watermelons, cantaloupes, sweet corn and pumpkins.  This week we will plant the last tomatoes.  We still will have small plantings of a few misc. crops. The next week is one of my favorite times of the season.  The crops will begin to grow explosively and for a brief moment we seem to be on top of diseases, insects, weeds and predators (crows, deer, raccoons and other wild life).  Shortly, reality will kick in and the great chess match will begin.


Photo 1:  7th CSA box

Photo 2: 8th CSA box

Photo 3:  Tomatoes ripening on the vine.

Photo 4:  Cantaloupes starting to net (form netting on the surface of the fruit).

Photo 5:  Burpless cucumber on the vine.

Photo 6:  Patsy with an early onion harvest.

Photo 7:  Watermelons starting to set in the field.

Photo 8:  Patsy and Norma’s Dad, John likes to keep an eye on things.   

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